Future space missions and sensors for CBRN event detection and monitoring

University of Bristol

PhD Permanent Bristol, UK

Uploaded 3 Dec 2018

Job Description

Future Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear (CBRN) threats could include a chemical explosion at a plant, a use of a nerve agent in an urban environment or a radioactive leak from a facility. Thales Alenia Space (TAS) has been working on currently available satellite data which could contribute to the detection and modelling of such a scenario. Several gaps in the data are apparent: wind field data, chemical detection and radiological detection. These reveal potential areas for future missions. The objectives of the PhD are:

• To review currently available data and possible proxies for CBRN to ascertain gaps 

• To review existing Earth observation instruments which could be used for CBRN 

• To investigate the platforms and configuration necessary to accommodate the above Earth observation instruments

• To investigate possible instruments that can be used on identified platforms, e.g. LiDAR on a Very Low Earth Orbit satellite or Low Earth Orbit microsatellite 

• To provide analysis of any adaptations necessary to instruments or the spacecraft. 

Person Specification

An enthusiastic student with either a 1st or expecting a 1st (B.Eng or M.Eng) in Aerospace, Space or Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Or a BSc / MSc in Physics (1st class). Candidates should have an interest in the following: 

• Spacecraft system design;

• Optics; 

• Space instrument design especially hyperspectral and LiDAR 

• Knowledge of software languages (eg C++, JAVA) 

• Knowledge of mathematical modelling software (eg MATLAB/Simulink, MathCAD) 

The candidate will have: 

• An interest in research 

• An ability to write up technical research 

• Analytical approach and an interest and ability to solve complex problems 

• Comfortable with working closely with colleagues in teams 

• The ability to present technical and complex problems orally 

• The ability to listen and learn from subject matter experts 

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