Research in Geographical and Earth Sciences

University of Glasgow

PhD 3 years Glasgow, UK

Uploaded 18 Dec 2018

Job Description

There are several PhD projects open for applications in the Earth Sciences department at the University of Glasgow:

Meteorites from the Australian outback: A new terrestrial climate proxy?

Evidence for recent water on Mars from the shergottite meteorites

Meteorite bombardment of Earth at the Triassic/Jurassic boundary 

Delivery of water to early Earth by the carbonaceous chondrite meteorites 

Space weathering of carbonaceous asteroids and its astrobiological implications 

Antarctic glaciers and rock weathering: Using meteorites to explore ice sheet dynamics and climate change

There is a rolling deadline for the PhD project application, however the application deadline for funding is 31st January 2019. Please make it clear on the application that you would like to be considered for the College Graduate School Scholarship.

Person Specification

An honours degree in Geology or Earth Sciences is desirable but not required.

All applicants are potentially eligible for a College of Science and Engineering Scholarship.

These pay UK/EU tuition fees and a maintenance allowance. There are 3 scholarships available. For more details please see here.