Research Associate in Astrophysics

Imperial College London

Direct Entry Job 2 years London, UK

Uploaded 23 Dec 2018

Job Description

Applications are invited for a Research Associate to work on Bayesian analysis of cosmic shear and large-scale structure at the Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology (ICIC) hosted by the Astrophysics Group. The position is funded by a UKRI-STFC Consolidated Grant, and led by Prof Alan Heavens, Prof Andrew Jaffe, Dr Daniel Mortlock and Dr Florent Leclercq.

The main focus of the position is in building a Bayesian hierarchical model (BHM) of cosmic shear data, incorporating effects of redshift distribution uncertainty, complex mask shapes, nonlinear and non-gaussian evolution of the matter density field. It may develop to include galaxy clustering and galaxy-galaxy lensing. The aim is to have sophisticated BHMs built for the analysis of Euclid and LSST data in the early 2020s, and you would be well-placed to join these consortia. You will be expected to help produce independent and original research within the ICIC, submit prominent publications to refereed journals and support the activities of the research group.

The position is available from 1st April 2019.

Person Specification

You will hold a PhD in Astrophysics or have an equivalent level of professional qualifications and experience.

It is also essential that you have:

  • Relevant research experience in statistical analysis in cosmology.
  • Experience in giving talks at internationally recognised conferences and workshops.
  • Experience in carrying out research of high quality, independently and in a team, evidenced by a portfolio of high quality research publications.

In addition it would be desirable if you had relevant research experience in weak lensing.