Researching Material in the Solar System and Meteorites at the Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

PhD 3.5 years London, UK

Uploaded 23 Dec 2018

Job Description

The Natural History Museum is advertising 3 STFC funded PhD opportunities:

The evolution of material in the inner solar system: Elucidating the history of enstatite chondrites in collaboration with the Open University.

Carbon in primitive meteorites: The relationship between organic matter and minerals in protoplanetary dust in collaboration with Plymouth University.

Investigating aqueous and thermal alteration in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites in collaboration with the University of Manchester.

Projects are funded for 3.5 years as an STFC studentship, which will cover all fees and a student stipend if you are from the UK, or from the EU and meet residency requirements (settled status, or 3 years full-time residency in the UK). For full details on what is covered by the studentship please see the STFC guidance.

Person Specification

The project would suit an enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in planetary science, and a strong background in the geosciences (geology). A suitable candidate would also have an interest in applying analytical mineralogy to a planetary science context.