Internship - Multispacecraft Mission Operation Tools Optimisation


Internship 6 months Darmstadt, Germany

Uploaded 11 Jan 2019

Job Description

EUMETSAT have five internships available starting in early 2019.

The Sentinel 3 team currently uses multiple tools to track several aspects of the operations of the Sentinel 3 satellite, in particular for the satellite operational planning scheduling and reporting tool as well as the satellite performance analysing.  These tools are shared between different teams and contain multiple sources of inputs. With multiple satellite operations, the usage of these tools created work overhead and became prone to human error.In order to address this, the intern will be tasked with the creation of an operational relational database that can replaces all existing tools.Note that a prototype for this database already exists, which can be used as a guideline as to what the S3 Flight Control Team is expecting from the new S3 Operational Database.He/she will be also tasked to enhance the pre-processing of data and user interface to the analysing tool used by the flight control team. This will also be integrated in the new database.The internship will be performed under the supervision of the satellite operations manager and relevant team members, and with support from the flight control team.


  • Identification of satellite operational needs and analysis of current tools in place with associated function/inputs/outputs
  • Elaboration of new set of operational tools user requirements
  • Tools design proposal (based on relational database)
  • Creation of user interface
  • Development of Web application
  • Support the development of the satellite analysis tool (so called CHART) by defining and implementing:
    • data mining scripts to better define set of HKTM for tool analysis
    • satellite analysing and reporting script, requiring satellite subsystem modelling and monitoring method implementation
    • additional subset of the CHART widgets/algorithms monitoring approach.

Note this internship is unpaid for students but paid for graduates.

Person Specification

  • Proficiency in Relational Databases (e.g., Microsoft access)
  • Proficiency in SQL /Python
  • Software development and architecture knowledge
  • Proficiency with principles of Object Oriented Programming
  • Good communication and team working skills
  • Innovation & initiative skills
  • Candidates must be able to work effectively in English and have some knowledge of French.
  • University studies in computer science or mathematics.

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