SURE Summer Programme

University of Leicester

Internship 6 weeks Leicester, UK

Uploaded 12 Jan 2019

Job Description

SURE is a six-week summer programme which will support up to six undergraduate students to undertake research within the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester.

A range of projects will be available in the fields of astrophysics and space science.

Regular seminars will be held on current research topics, involving students and staff.  At the end of the summer, all participating students will produce a written report and give a brief presentation about their work.

Projects available include:

1. What causes a radio blackout at Mars?

2. Characterisation of the ExoMars 2020 Landing site.

3. Muon Ring demonstrator for outreach

4. Lifting Jupiter's Cloudy Veil:  A Newly-Discovered Disturbance at Jupiter's Equator

Person Specification

Entry to SURE is through a competitive application procedure; the typical application to success ratio is 20:1. Applicants are required to have at least three years of experience of an undergraduate course in a relevant subject area by the time of the summer programme. Successful candidates will be allocated an individual research project and supervisor based on their skills and preferences.

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