Senior GNSS Specialist


Graduate Position Permanent Leatherhead, UK

Uploaded 13 Feb 2019

Job Description

Would you like to work for an organisation that builds satellite control centres and bespoke security solutions for critical infrastructure such as satellite navigation and aircraft communication systems? Would you like to work face-to-face in a team with diverse technical skills in a highly collaborative environment?

CGI is looking for a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) specialist to work on exciting projects in the satellite navigation sector. This position combines research, development and support activities within the realm of GNSS Timing, Positioning and Navigation. More specifically the role relates to the development of software for satellite and terrestrial based positioning systems, primarily concerned with real time GNSS services for various user applications. The GNSS Specialist will be a key driver in planning and implementing navigation based solutions, as part of the CGI UK Navigation Business Area growth plan in developing new infrastructure and technologies, with special attention in the fields of GNSS and terrestrial positioning applications.

The GNSS specialist will require excellent communication skills and be required to work closely with other CGI UK Business Areas in order for GNSS related projects to exploit the downstream client base offered by the wider company both locally and internationally. Delegation and consultancy on various topics will be required in order to maintain progress in a number of key development areas. It is also imperative that the candidate has a strong background and interest in the cutting edge of GNSS technology and has identifiably close links with the research community within both the corporate and academic environments.

The GNSS specialist will be required to have an expert knowledge of GNSS receiver hardware and a strong to expert knowledge of software development methodologies, modelling languages and processes (such as UML, SysML, Object Oriented Design, Waterfall vs Agile development processes etc.) and be able to consult and support on various large software projects. Skills in various hardware and software utilities will also be required to aid this process. A high level of proficiency will be required in the areas of GNSS processing and data analysis. 

Person Specification

• M.Sc. or PhD in Engineering, Computer Science, Geodesy or GNSS systems.

• Related engineering experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Skilled in GNSS designs and development of technical plans that meet objectives as per available resources or funding, project management, independent problem solving and troubleshooting in complex situations with the ability to act as a consultant regarding a wide range of GNSS applications.

• Experience of a broad range of skills related to computer operations, data communications, interfacing and application programs using C / C++ / Java, GPS data processing, INS and IMU technology and geodesy.