Advanced Sensor Technology for Astrobiology

University of Edinburgh

PhD 3.5 years Edinburgh, UK

Uploaded 27 Feb 2019

Job Description

Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary science that seeks to understand the limits of life and the potential for life elsewhere. This project is intended to initiate a highly interdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Engineering (Institute for Micro and Nano Systems) and the School of Physics & Astronomy (UK Centre for Astrobiology; Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems) that may additionally involve aspects of chemistry and biochemistry.

The purpose of the project is to develop and characterize advanced sensor technology for the detection of the elements capable of supporting life in extreme environments both on earth and beyond. There is scope for the initial project as described to encompass two linked PhD projects – one emphasizing the biochemistry & sensing and the other emphasizing the sensor technology & integration.

We expect this will lead to follow-on projects with the long term aim of deploying the sensors in extreme environments on earth and in space.

This PhD is offered as a joint project between the UK Centre for Astrobiology and the School of Engineering (Scottish Microelectronics Centre).

Supervisors: Professor Charles Cockell and Ian Underwood.

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