Exoplanet Researcher

John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Postdoctorate Position Permanent Laurel, USA

Uploaded 28 Feb 2019

Job Description

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with experience with exoplanet characterization to provide critical expertise in the science and technology involved in exoplanet research. As a leading organization in designing and managing space missions, APL has begun a strategic initiative to develop an exoplanet research and technology program at APL.

The postdoctoral researcher will provide critical contributions to developing a science and technology roadmap for the APL exoplanets program. This includes conducting research on exoplanet detection and/or characterization, as well as leading and contributing to proposals for research and technology development. Publications and conference presentations of their findings are encouraged.

The main tasks of this role:

  • Conduct research on exoplanet detection/characterization.
  • Contribute to planning and proposal development for the APL science and technology roadmap.
  • Conduct related research on solar system bodies or in the laboratory utilizing the same skills.

Person Specification


  • A Ph.D. in Astronomy, Physics, Planetary Science or closely related field.
  • Experience in exoplanet observations for the purpose of detection and/or characterization of exoplanets.
  • Excellent organizational and communication (written and spoken) skills.


  • Experienced with the Exoplanet Characterization Toolkit (ExoCTK).
  • Expertise with spectroscopy of planetary atmospheres.
  • Experienced with modeling atmospheric processes.