Airbus Presentation Competition: Innovation in Space (deadline 2nd February 2020)

27 January 2020

An opportunity to attend the National Student Space Conference, being held at the University of Birmingham on 7-8th March 2020 and present your chosen space idea/topic to a panel of industry experts and an audience of students from across the country. At the event you will also have...

Undergraduate Digital Flash Talk Contest (Astrobiology)

20 January 2020

There will be an Undergraduate Digital Flash Talk Contest, sponsored by the ELSI-Firstlogic Astrobiology Program, whose program goals include support for early career students in Astrobiology. The final prize will be sponsored conference attendance. Express your interest through the...

Search is on for young space entrepreneurs across the UK

20 January 2020

14 January 2020 – The UK Space Agency is offering young people expert advice and a share of £50,000 for their ideas of how satellites could improve life on Earth.The SatelLife Competition, now in its fourth year, is looking for innovative proposals that could use data collected...

Take Part in the UKSEDS Space Jobs Education Survey

15 January 2020

UKSEDS is currently working towards a study on the importance of educating students about careers within the space sector. There is very little available information regarding this, so we are collecting data through online surveys and would be very grateful if you could help us out!The...

Space Jobs and Skills Webinar

28 November 2019

Free recorded webinar with space recruiters. Learn about NewSpace jobs and skills they require, and get pragmatic careers advice. The Careers Launch brand of events is aimed at educating on routes into and careers in the space sector, and the skills required for space...

Launch Your Space Career

24 October 2019

Careers Launch is an event aimed at students, graduates, and young professionals who want to succeed within the space sector, featuring networking, talks, panels, workshops, and mentoring.            Wednesday 13th November in Belfast, Northern IrelandAs part of the Reinventing...

Designing a Space Mission in 10 Days - Alpbach Summer School 2019

10 August 2019

Christina Bornberg from Austria and Jacob Smith from the UK write about their time at the Alpbach Summer School 2019, located in the stunning Austrian Alps.

This 10-day summer school challenges students to design a scientific space mission, the topic this year being ‘Geophysics from Space using Micro- or Nano-Satellite Constellations’. Sixty science, engineering, and mathematics students from 23 ESA member states, and all the way...

Simulating Mars on Earth

5 August 2019

Ross Slater, a 5th year Physics student at Edinburgh University, talks about the 3-day Analog Mission Basic Training course he attended in Innsbruck earlier this summer, run by the Austrian Space Forum.

The Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF) is a citizen science organisation focusing on analog planetary research, which uses environments on Earth to simulate the conditions on other planets. They have previously run many successful Mars research missions through their AMADEE program, the...

Bridging the Space Divide in Emerging Countries

13 May 2019

Summary of IAF Global Conference of Space for Emerging Countries (GLEC2019)

Hello! I’m Steven George, an MSc student at Cranfield University studying Astronautics and Space Engineering. This article describes my experience at the Global Conference of Space for Emerging Countries (GLEC2019) which I attended as part of my individual thesis. This was the first...

How to Become a Space Ambassador

2 April 2019

Find out how to get free training to become a Student Space Ambassador!

Student Space Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of space related jobs and disciplines who offer their time and enthusiasm to demonstrate the value, diversity, and fascinating nature of the space sector to students across the UK. They engage with students inside and outside...

Now Open: IAC Student Competition!

25 February 2019

The BIS and IET have teamed up to offer an undergraduate and a postgraduate a prize of £1000 and the opportunity to present their work in Washington DC!

The annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC), the world’s largest astronautics and space engineering conference, will be held this year in Washington, USA on the 21-25 October 2019.Every year the IAC Student Paper Competition presents two prizes for best papers/presentations...

Last month in space - December

28 January 2019

Find out what happened in the space industry in December!

NASA’s Voyager 2 space probe that launched in 1977 has become the second man made object to reach interstellar space. This is after Voyager 1 reached the space between the stars back in 2012. Evidence that Voyager 2 had left the region under the influence of the sun has come from...

Last month in space - November

11 December 2018

Find out what happened in the space industry in November!

The 20th November marked 20 years since the first component, the Zarya module, of the International Space Station was launched by Roscomos. NASA followed, 2 weeks later launching their first component, Unity. This landmark co-operation between the United States and Russia marked the...

Last Month in Space - October

6 November 2018

Find out what happened in the space industry in October!

Lockheed Martin have revealed plans for a reusable single stage spaceship that will be able to shuttle astronauts between the lunar surface and lunar orbiter, without having to refuel between journey's. Unfueled, the concept lander would weigh approximately half the original lunar...

Last Month in Space - September

2 October 2018

Find out what happened in the space industry in September!

A space elevator may sound like something from a science fiction novel but it may one day become a reality. If a successful space elevator were to be invented it would cost a fraction of a traditional single use rocket to take workers, equipment and tourists into low earth orbit.

Houston, we have an internship!

11 September 2018

Elisha Jhoti reports on her time as a NASA Summer Intern in Houston, US.

I have always been interested in space exploration and research, in the way it pushes technological boundaries and merges many different disciplines. This is why I chose to study Astrophysics on a five year integrated Masters program at the University of Edinburgh.This summer I was...

Last Month in Space - August

31 August 2018

Find our what happened in the space industry in August!

At the beginning of August, NASA announced its first crew of astronauts that will test fly and crew the first missions of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. These 9 astronauts will be the first to launch from US soil since the end of the space shuttle programme...

Spaceport Cornwall - The Hub of the UK's Space Future

26 August 2018

Back in July, the UK Space Agency announced funding for new spaceports in the UK. We spoke to Spaceport Cornwall to find out why it's the best location for horizontal launches.

Cornwall has a proud history of space technology. Beginning in 1962 with Goonhilly Earth Station, this South-Western county has been a key part of the first trans-Atlantic TV transmissions, beaming the Moon landings to millions. Today, Cornwall has a diverse and thriving space industry,...

Masterclasses at the National Space Academy!

24 August 2018

How the National Space Academy is engaging young people with space.

The National Space Centre in Leicester has been welcoming visitors to learn more about the universe and the history of space exploration since 2001, with a huge array of interactive displays, special events and the UK’s largest planetarium.Established in 2011, the National Space...

Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

17 August 2018

Summary of the unconscious bias in recruitment event held by the Women in Aerospace UK local group.

The unconscious mind allows the brain to process much more information than our conscious mind by using shortcuts to make almost instantaneous decisions and judgements about the world around us. The problem with the unconscious mind however is that it is often wrong, it is shaped...

Last Month in Space - July

10 August 2018

Find out what happened in the space industry in July!

We haven’t quite found life on Mars yet but radar measurements from ESA’s Mars Express orbiter raises prospects that microbial life might still exist on the red planet!This is the first time that researchers have identified a stable body of liquid water on Mars having only previously...

Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century

25 July 2018

What is a lunar eclipse, why is this one special and what have they taught us?

On Friday 27th July 2018 much of the globe will see a ‘blood moon’ as the Moon is totally eclipsed by the Earth. In the UK the Moon will rise in the southeast at 9.10 pm with maximum eclipse occurring at 9.22 pm until 10.13 pm, the Moon will continue to be partially eclipsed...

Farnborough International Airshow 2018

24 July 2018 and UKSEDS at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow!

Farnborough International Airshow is the world's second largest airshow bringing together thousands of aviation and aerospace experts and enthusiasts over a week long trade show and public event over the weekend.The UK Space Industry saw some very exciting announcements over the week...

UK one step closer to first Spaceport

17 July 2018

UK Space Agency grants bring the UK one step closer to its first vertical launch spaceport.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) has been awarded £2.5 million in funding to develop a vertical launch spaceport in Sutherland, Scotland. Funding has also been awarded to Lockheed Martin to establish operations and to Orbex to fund the development and building of an innovative...

How can space higher education in the UK adapt to meet the growing demand of downstream applications?

5 July 2018

A summary of the Downstream Applications workshop organised by the Space Universities Network (SUN).

On Thursday 28th June, SUN hosted a workshop on Downstream Applications at the Satellite Applications Catapult headquarters in Harwell. SUN is a network of over 50 space science and engineering staff from 28 Higher Education institutions with the aim of creating a skilled workforce...

We are hiring!

24 May 2018 is looking for an enthusiastic individual who is a current student or 2018 graduate to help develop careers resources for

We have some BIG news! (in collaboration with The Open University and SEPnet) is pleased to announce that we are hiring an internship student for Summer 2018, as part of the Space Placements in Industry (SPIN) scheme.We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who...

What does the Space Industry want from Graduates?

14 June 2017

5 things the space industry wants from graduates: A summary of a workshop organised by the Space Universities Network.

At the UK Space Conference on May 30th 2017 in Manchester, attended the launch of the Space Universities Network, SUN. SUN is a network of over 40 space scientists, engineers and academics from 23 institutions. They aim to help create a skilled workforce of graduates...