Virtual Networking - Space Bar

Weekly online 'Space Bar' to discuss all things space and engage in some virtual networking.

AstroAgency is inviting the space community to a virtual bar to discuss all things space and help keep us all sane! On THURSDAYS @ 7PM (GMT+1), wherever you are, if you are stuck at home and bored, pour yourself a whisky, beer, or cup of tea. It’s a chance to do some virtual networking and we will keep it going until this thing blows over!

The call usually kicks-off with brief introductions - let us know who you are, what organization you work for, and how you're adapting to the times we're in. A host or moderator will be present at each call to help guide the conversation and solve any potential technical issues.

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Antonio Duduianu

Antonio is currently studying towards a MEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bath.

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