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Launch Your Space Career

News | 24 October 2019

Careers Launch is an event aimed at students, graduates, and young professionals who want to succeed within the space sector, featuring networking, talks, panels, workshops, and mentoring.

Distance Learning Courses

Career Path | 3 October 2019

Distance learning (sometimes called online or e-learning) means that an educational course is taught entirely online. Generally, distance learning courses are self-paced so you can...

Foundation Years

Career Path | 13 August 2019

Foundation years are an extra year of study taken at the start of an undergraduate degree which cover the basics of the subject. They are designed to give everyone in the year a good...

Anna Fogtman

Interview | 12 August 2019

I'm a Research Fellow at the Space Medicine Team, European Space Agency. I studied biotechnology and molecular biology, and I got a PhD in Systems Biology where I studied how genetic...

Designing a Space Mission in 10 Days - Alpbach Summer School 2019

News | 10 August 2019

This 10-day summer school challenges students to design a scientific space mission, the topic this year being ‘Geophysics from Space using Micro- or Nano-Satellite Constellations’.

Simulating Mars on Earth

News | 5 August 2019

The Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF) is a citizen science organisation focusing on analog planetary research, which uses environments on Earth to simulate the conditions on other planets.

So You Want To Build Telescopes

Careers Advice | 17 July 2019

So you want to build telescopes? Then this is the guide for you! Written by experts in astronomy and instrumentation, the "So You Want To Build Telescopes" guide takes you through what...

Harriet Brettle

Interview | 28 June 2019

My name is Harriet Brettle, I’m currently a business analyst at Astroscale, working to develop a commercial solution to the threat of space debris. I studied maths at the University...

Sarah Cruddas

Interview | 28 June 2019

In a nutshell - travelling the world chatting about space for television as well as high profile talks - trying to inspire as many people as possible about why space matters. This sounds...

Natasha Stephen

Interview | 22 June 2019

I'm Dr Natasha Stephen, a Lecturer in Earth & Planetary Sciences and the Director of Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre at the University of Plymouth in the South-West of the UK. I...