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Ryan Milligan

Interview | 13 November 2018

My name is Dr. Ryan Milligan. I am a solar physicist, and my research mainly focuses on the study of solar flares. I currently hold a 5-year STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship at the...

Last Month in Space - October

| 6 November 2018

Lockheed Martin have revealed plans for a reusable single stage spaceship that will be able to shuttle astronauts between the lunar surface and lunar orbiter, without having to refuel...

Last Month in Space - September

| 2 October 2018

A space elevator may sound like something from a science fiction novel but it may one day become a reality. If a successful space elevator were to be invented it would cost a fraction...

Kate Furnell

Interview | 28 September 2018

My name is Kate Furnell, and I'm a final year PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU, having completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham). I study...

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| 13 September 2018

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