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Fuselage 0.5m Outer Shell Rocket Design v2 Deep Space Maneouver Earth Flyby EnRoute to Venus 11000km from Earth If you’re reading this text you’ve zoomed in too far! It looks like you’re pretty keen on space. You should join the team that makes these graphics: TELFER TECH 5 : 13 : 26 :04 : 092 Time to Launch: Fuselage 0.5m Outer Shell Rocket Design v2 Deep Space Maneouver Earth Flyby EnRoute to Venus 11000km from Earth BOWMAN UNIVERSITY GARNER & ASSOCIATES MCGRATH GLOBAL Robotics Engineer Science Communicator Lecturer Lawyer Insurer Doctor Agricultural Data Analyst Navigational Scientist Earth Observation Scientist Disaster Response Coordinator Oceanographer Propulsion Engineer Aerodynamicist Planetary Scientist Astronomer Software Engineer Spacecraft Operator Assembly Engineer Radio Engineer Meteorologist Astrobiologist Technician Researcher Systems Engineer Astrophysicist Project Manager Electrical Engineer Astronaut

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Diversity in Space Careers 2018

4 October in London

Diversity in Space Careers is a one-day conference in World Space Week championing equality, diversity, and inclusion in the space sector.

Hear from speakers from across the space sector talking about their work and their experiences overcoming personal barriers from mental health to disability and discrimination.

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Houston, we have an internship!

News | 11 September 2018

I have always been interested in space exploration and research, in the way it pushes technological boundaries and merges many different disciplines. This is why I chose to study Astrophysics...

Last Month in Space - August

News | 31 August 2018

At the beginning of August, NASA announced its first crew of astronauts that will test fly and crew the first missions of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. These...

Spaceport Cornwall - The Hub of the UK's Space Future

News | 26 August 2018

Cornwall has a proud history of space technology. Beginning in 1962 with Goonhilly Earth Station, this South-Western county has been a key part of the first trans-Atlantic TV transmissions,...

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