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Before you send us an email, please check if your query is addressed below. We're a small team, and we get a lot of emails. If we've covered it here, then we will ignore your email. Sorry!

I want to apply for a job

We don't handle applications. You'll find an 'Apply now' button on the job's page, which will take you to the employer's website and usually and application form or an email address.

I have a question about a job post

We just post the jobs, all we know about them is what's in the job description. If you have a query then you need to contact the organisation that's offering the job.

I want to send you my CV

We don't accept CVs. We're not hiring, and we don't store anyone's CVs.

I need some advice about my career

Please check your query hasn't already been answered in our careers resources.

If you've still got a query, then we'd be happy to help you out as best we can. Drop us a line at [email protected], and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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