There's plenty you can do while still in school, from work experience to online courses, competitions to summer schools.

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A Student's Guide to Becoming an Astronaut

Have you ever wondered if you have the "right stuff" to become an astronaut? Or what that stuff even is? Using information from the recent NASA application information, this article discusses what it takes to go space, or at least, apply for the chance to become an astronaut!


An apprenticeship combines practical training in a job with study. Apprentices work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills whilst earning a wage and working towards a number of qualifications.

Choosing a Course

There are hundreds of different undergraduate degree courses available, each covering different topics and offering different opportunities. Choose a subject you enjoy and are good at, because if you're passionate about working in the space sector you can - no matter what you end up studying!

Choosing Your Secondary School Subjects

You can study pretty much any subject and still end up in the space industry. Start with your ideal job. What qualifications are needed for that job? What do you need to get those qualifications?


Got a competitive streak? There are loads of competitions you can get involved in to show off your skills and learn some new ones

Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning gives you the flexibility to fit your studies around your life and personal circumstances. Teaching is delivered online, allowing you to study remotely.

Finding Work Experience

Finding work experience in the space sector can be tough, there are a limited number of opportunities available and they’re not always easy to get to.

Foundation Years

If you think university is the right track for you but aren't sure how to get there, consider a foundation year. Foundation years are a way to study a degree at university if you don't meet the standard course entry requirements.

Homeschool Resources for School Pupils: Space Edition

Learn about some new resources for you to browse that will help make learning about space more fun, especially during a challenging time where school lessons have been disrupted.

Leaving School at 16

Your route into the space sector doesn't have to rely on you staying in school and academia after the age of 16. A myriad of opportunities are available as a next step to your career in space!

Space Engineering A Level Programme

One of a kind space engineering A Level programme at Loughborough College

Space in Your School

Get involved in real space projects, and get space students and professionals into your classroom.

Taster Days & Summer Schools

At a loose end in the holidays? Get yourself on one of these great courses and get stretched beyond what you've learned in school.

Women in Science & Engineering

The WISE campaign's 'People Like Me' pack highlights the range of great opportunities there are for girls and young women.